2017-2018 — 31 October 2018

By:Destiny Nguyen

Mid way into homecoming week in Oct. 2018, this year’s Leadership class decided on a fun activity for each grade to do. They wanted to try something different this year to include all students.

Each grade had a chance to decorate designated hallways assigned to their grade, but in order to do so they had to sign up. This was a new activity to our school’s homecoming week.

“It was a good activity,” said sophomore class president Luis Silva, also adding that the hallways “looked really nice.”

This year’s homecoming week had a lot of activities that involved all grades at O-High. Many of those activities were announced throughout the week and even a week before Homecoming.

The Homecoming hallways were announced to the school last minute, causing students to not be aware of this activity to participate. That’s because the Leadership class wanted to try something new at our school.

“It was announced last minute because it’s the first year we’ve ever done this,” said Luis Silva. “The students in charge in Leadership class had to work a long time to get it done.”


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