2018-2019 Sports Student Life — 12 October 2018
Big Opportunities for star athlete

IMG_0374By: Jasmine Saelee

Oakland High senior Siale Liku has received numerous scholarships already this year and last year for his performance on and off the football field.

Liku, a senior at Oakland High, is a defensive tackle on the varsity football team. He has been receiving scholarships since the beginning of his junior year.

“I feel blessed to be receiving all these scholarships,” said Liku.

Other students in Oakland also received scholarships to help them further their education. Senior Austin Jones from Bishop O’Dowd was offered a scholarship from Stanford and is officially committed to Stanford. He does not play the same position as Liku but is playing the same sport and receiving scholarships just like Liku.

Liku will be most likely be making the announcement on his decision on Dec. 20. He said his top five choices are Colorado, Oregon State, UCLA, Cal Berkeley, and Illinois, in no specific order. With all his scholarships, he’s also motivating all his teammates.

“I think I’m impacting the team by motivating one another to be better,” said Liku. “Especially for Oakland kids who aren’t recognized a lot due to their background and where they come from.”

Liku is a star athlete and a star student. He is very humble and he gives his best to everyone and everything. Everyone around him is so happy for him and cannot wait to see what’s next for him.

“He is not a quitter,” said junior Sione Huahulu.


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