2018-2019 Arts & Entertainment — 21 September 2018
Teacher uses art to make change

By Zelaysia Singleton

Oakland High’s longest-working art teacher, Steve Bronson, is working on a huge personal project and has a lot of exciting things planned for his Advanced Art Class.

He is currently working on a painting representing the “Women’s March on Washington.”

“Yeah, I’m doing a 12-foot painting on the Women’s March On Washington,” said Bronson. “I’m changing the world with another project too. When I was younger I did a lot of music so I’ll do some art on that.”

Bronson went on to talk about how he planned to sell some of his art work to raise money for the homeless.  

“I’m gonna get together with legislators to to help with homelessness,” he said. “I wanna make money for the homeless. If I can help I will. I may possibly make this a class project for my Advanced Art class. Hopefully I can get this going by next year, but for now I’ll continue working on this Women’s Rights painting.”

Bronson expressed how important this painting is to him and the meaning behind it as well. He said, “Women’s Rights are really overlooked and I don’t know if there is a such thing as a male feminist but I’m really disgusted with the way [the government] handle things so I want to take a step and be a part of the change.”

Bronson said he doesn’t want to rush to finish his painting, so there is no specific date to where he will be done, but he is very excited to share this with others. He is excited to experience new things with his art classes.

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