Student Life — 21 September 2018

By: Nala Lazimba

Emily Vaughan, a Creative Writing teacher for freshmen and English teacher for seniors at Oakland High, just started teaching at the start of the school year.

Vaughan had recently lived in D.C and Florida before moving to Oakland. She had also studied Greek literature.

“I decided to move to the Bay Area because I had heard that it’s nice out here,” Vaughan said.

Oakland is a diverse community and has a lot of good educators, and is also one of the many reasons why teachers, including Vaughan, decided to start teaching at Oakland High.

Vaughan’s  favorite part about teaching is not only working one-on-one with students, but also hearing the students’ opinions.  

“I am excited to teach here at Oakland High,” Vaughan said.

Vaughn said when a student is stuck, she shows them how to do a certain part of their assignment and a student does an “aha!” look or gesture to show that they finally understand.

Students’ ideas excite her and that’s the main reason why she likes teaching and she likes to connect with people. She said she sure she’s going to have a good time here.

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