2018-2019 Slider Student Life — 21 September 2018
New art teacher fits right in

By Heaven Johnson


Vanessa Guerrero started teaching Art 1 and Sculpture this August at Oakland High School.

Guerrero left her design job of 16 years and was introduced to Karen Zinkofsky, better known at OHS as Ms. Z, who encouraged her to be a teacher’s assistant.

“If you would have asked me a while ago to be an art teacher, I would’ve said you’re crazy,” said Guerrero. “But this has been the best place for me so far!”

According to Guerrero, her purpose is to provide a creative inspirational environment that is a collaborative community. She also wants to bring in what she can to help add value.

Guerrero’s colleagues and students are very enthusiastic and happy for Guerrero to be at OHS with us .

“Oh, yeah, she seems like a very energetic person who’s willing to learn and has a lot to offer,” said art teacher Steve Bronson. “But I just met her last month.”

“She’s a nice teacher,” said Guerrero’s sophomore student Sharisa Sadat. “She likes being nice to all her students and she’s just a great teacher.”

Guerrero loves what she is doing and is looking forward to teaching next year.

“I love the facility, student body and the community,” said Guerrero.”They are all welcoming and supportive to me.”


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