2018-2019 Student Life — 21 September 2018
Homecoming returns to OHS

By: Destiny Nguyen

Since school has started at Oakland High, the most common question that was asked by students after the first two weeks of school was what’s this years theme for Homecoming rally and will there be a dance. We didn’t get that much information till now, going into September.

Many students were nervous to hear if there will be a dance this year or not because last year’s was cancelled due to a football game, which disappointed many of the freshmen that year. But this year the Leadership class, delegates, and Leadership teacher Jennifer Howard would like to inform the students that there will be a dance.

The dance theme has not yet been announced, but rally themes are as follows: for most classes, the colors will be the same as last year (freshmen in purple, juniors in green, and seniors in blue), but the Sophomores are going to be yellow this year. The freshman theme is are Marvel, sophomores are Illumination, juniors, are Nickelodeon, and seniors are Pixar.

“It’s alright,” said VAAMP sophomore Cheyanne Dang about the rally themes. “I think we get something well known, we only know ‘Minions’ and ‘Life of Pets’ from Illumination, but I’m still excited for both the rally and my first homecoming (dance) at Oakland High.”

Last year’s rally themes for each grade were all similar because each grade’s theme was based off Disney movies.This year’s is just multiple themes that the Leadership thought will best fit each grade based off their colors rather than having everyone have some type of similarity like last year’s rally.

Students are a little uneasy with this year’s rally, because Leadership announced that the sophomores are going to wear yellow which is different from last year and the choice of themes. People are mainly excited about the homecoming dance.

“I’m excited that we are finally having a homecoming dance,” said VAAMP sophomore Melany Chavez. “We didn’t have one last year”.

This year’s high school Homecoming will be the first experience for a lot of students like this year’s freshmen and sophomores. The dance is planned for October, but a specific date has not been announced.

“I feel like it’s gonna be fun like Winter Ball,” said PHA sophomore Caitlyn Dam, “but it’s gonna be a little messy if it’s the same day as the football game.”


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