Glee Club branches out to musicals

Glee Club starts producing musical showcases instead of Winter Showcase

By Christine Nguyen

This school year, Glee Club is changing things up with new teacher supporters and musicals, in hopes of producing even better shows.

The club advisor is no longer Amy Dellefield but rather is English teacher Chris Johnston, and the club is striving to put together more musical showcases.

“Me and other teachers like [music teacher] Mr. Byrd will help with Glee Club,” said Johnston. “Mr. Byrd will be providing live music.”

For four years now, the Glee Winter Showcase has always been Christmas themed according to Jocelyn Huynh, class of 2018, who was a Glee member for all four of her years at OHS. Past productions included The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carols, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and most recently, Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

This year, Glee Club will be performing the musical “Hairspray” instead. A musical hasn’t been done at Oakland high in 20 years stated Johnston.

“Glee Club used to be a ‘chilling around and just sing with other people’ club until 2014,” said Huynh.

Outside of Johnston’s room is a list of people’s audition times for ‘Hairspray,’ which start next week, in Byrd’s room.

“Glee Club is always welcoming volunteers who like to sing, dance, act, and have fun,” Johnston said.


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