2018-2019 News — 21 September 2018
Computer science teacher enthusiastic about O-High

BY Dillan Jackson

Thomas Wooding is a new computer science teacher at Oakland High. Wooding teaches coding, which makes computer science fun and students learn how to hack news articles and teaches how all news is not real news.

Wooding was really good in math and he got into computers and got a degree in computer science from Los Angeles. He taught for three years in LA, then moved to Oakland and started working at O-High.

According to Wooding, he read a lot about Oakland High on their homepage and loved the area and the history of the school. He also thinks it’s cool that basketball star Damian Lillard went to O-High and played on the basketball team. Wooding said he has family in Oakland.

Wooding said he wanted to transfer his knowledge to the students. This also connects to people in the real world by people want to share their knowledge as teachers, staff, and coaches help students be better people. For example teach you how to read or play sports.

Wooding got his first experience with computer programming freshman year in college, and the first language he learned was MATLAB.

“I love teaching at Oakland High and love the area,” said Wooding.


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