2018-2019 News Slider Student Life — 21 September 2018
Club promotes cultural understanding

By Jacqueline Dominguez

Latinos Unidos is a club that applies to any student that wants to know and explore more on the Latino heritage. The club meets on Thursdays during lunch.

Spanish teacher Jose Espinoza created this club to unite students to have fun and make a lot of friends while they are at it. Members of the club make horchata or other food, which helps attract new members.There’s field trips so not only do people meet during lunch, but also take part in fun adventures like community service and cultural explorations.

“I want to join to know more about my culture,” said an SJR junior, Karem Yanez who identifies as Mexican.

According to Espinoza, a club like this can relate to our community because it’s better to share out new things others so others should also try to have at schools to spread the great club.

“If you apply for scholarships you can say you took it,” said World Language Spanish teacher Jose Espinoza.

It’s important to mention you attended Latinos Unidos because as colleges know what club you applied for they put in thought that you know a lot about the Latino culture others may not know, according to Espinoza.

According to the members, joining Latinos unidos will give you a chance to provide more to others on the culture all latinos happen to share and may teach others why it’s important and an understanding.

“You should join because they give you the satisfaction to go help others,” said Espinoza.

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