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Class of 2022 elects officers

Screenshot 2017-09-26 at 10.22.02 AMBy DaYi Huang

New school year, new class officers. Each year, O-High selects students to be class officers. This year, it’s the class of 2022.

During the end of August, 6 students were selected as class officers. They are Jasmine Vo (president), Danica H. Nguyen (vice president), Adrian Segura (social chair), Samantha Phal (secretary), Aniyah Story (treasurer). All of them trying to work together to help make the Class of 2022 better.

“I’m planning to make every freshman feel welcomed into the school,” said Nguyen. “What you want as a class, me and the rest of the officers will try to work with it.”

Most schools have class officers. According to Putnam High School, class officers initiate class activities and programs and develop strategies for strengthening the class. Having class officers at O-High makes it easier for students to share their ideas and make things happen.

The Class Officers of 2022 plan for all the freshmen to encourage others, participate in school wide activities, support others and give tips. An upcoming activity everyone can participant in is Homecoming. The class officers hope students can come out and show school spirit.

Social Chair Adrian Segura will be helping with planning/promoting school wide activities. “Come out to participate and to support,” said Segura.

The class officers are taking their time off to “help the school.” It would be great for everyone to encourage others to go. The class of 2022 can connect with upperclassmen and get advice.

“Stay hydrated and keep it 150%,” encouraged Segura.


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