2018-2019 Student Life — 14 September 2018
Cambodian Club seeks new members

By Jasmine Saelee

Cambodian Club at Oakland high has started. The club’s main focus this year is to become more diverse and to have more members. There will also be a show in April performed by the Cambodian Club, according to club member Brianna Mai-Suarez, a junior.

The club had its first official meeting on Monday, Aug. 27, during lunch in English teacher Jessica Forbes’s room, W202. They want everyone and anyone to come to the meetings, learn about the club and join. The other club officers are John Phal, Brianna Uth, and Kelvin Kiet.

“Our goal is to keep our close bond that we’ve already built,” said Mai-Suarez.

Other clubs in Oakland High were at the club fair on Sept. 12 to promote their clubs and recruit more members along with Cambodian club.

Cambodian Club meets every Monday in Forbes’s room during lunch. Some of the meetings are mandatory and some are not. The club’s Instagram (@ohscambodianclub) tells when there is a meeting and whether it’s mandatory or not.

Students do not have to be Cambodian to be in the club; Everyone and anyone is welcome to join.  The club wants to become more diverse, have more members, and try new things.

“We want to be able to stick to our goals,” said Mai-Suarez, “and stick together as a club through everything.”  

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