News — 21 September 2018
Adventure Club walks to Dimond Park

Oakland High’s Adventure club is the club for outdoors fun.

By Cindy Ho


English teacher Miles Murray, creator of Oakland High’s Adventure Club, took this year’s Adventure Club students on a trip to Dimond Park on Monday, Sept. 3, to have fun.

Adventure Club has existed since Murray made it since he came to Oakland High. Adventurous students join the club to go on field trips. Once a student joins in for a field trip, they’re officially a part of the club.

“It was fun,” said Rachel Hoang, a sophomore in VAAMP, who went on the Dimond Park field trip. “But then you step in muddy stuff.”

School field trips may take away from class time and prevent students from attending some classes, but it’s different for Adventure Club. Trips also include a lot of students but students who joined Adventure Club only go on field trips on the weekends.

At the Dimond Park field trip, the students hiked. There are also tunnels there that could be explored as an activity.

“It’s nice,” said Lisa Chu, a sophomore in VAAMP who went to Dimond Park. “I would like to go again.”

Adventure Club’s classroom is a fun place to hang out in general. Field trips are also free.

Murray said he enjoys seeing kids push their boundaries on the field trips and “realizing the great nature,” around them.

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