2018-2019 Student Life — 21 September 2018
Activities fair informs students about student fair opportunities

By Nevaeh Enoch

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High hosted an annual Activities Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 12, to introduce students to different activities and interests that will look good on their transcript and resume and help build communications skills with peers.

Activities Fair, a recruitment event for all students organized by Leadership, began at 1:20  p.m. It is meant to help freshmen to break out of their shell and join with people who share the same interests, said senior May Truong Lee.

“With all the sports and activities at Oakland High, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find a place where you belong,” said Lee. “We have a variety of choices from performing arts to video games and everything in between.”

Along with good grades and high SAT scores, a resume with a lot of extracurricular activities can be considered a necessity depending on what college a student is applying to. Generally, extracurriculars will not have a significant effect on an application, but more will help an application stand out among thousands.

The event previously known as “Club Fair” has been renamed Activities Fair to include sports , which have been threatened with budget cuts this fall.


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