2017-2018 Student Life — 03 June 2018
Summer Bridge gives students a jump start

By: Gieanne Aldana

The Summer Bridge Program will  again take place here in Oakland High for rising ninth-graders.

According to Michael Jones, a ninth-grade English teacher for the Cheetah family, Summer Bridge is a four week program for incoming ninth-graders. Its purpose is to build a community among the students, to connect them with caring adults in Oakland High, and to provide enjoyable experiences together on and off campus.

“We do field trips once every week,” said Alan Li, a freshman who went through the program last year. “We also do physical activities, like with a ball.”

This program was started about seven years ago by a group of faculty members including teacher Payton Carter and former Wellness Center director Susan Yee.

“The Summer Bridge was fun and interesting,” said Kelvin Kiet, a junior who went through the program. “You get introduced to high school.”

Kiet added that there were a lot of community building activities. He said it gave him a good impression of the school and that he would recommend the program.

Jones said that he has always loved Summer Bridge, that last year’s group bonded quickly, and also that they still showed connectedness with each other.

“I appreciate all my colleagues — Ms. Howard, Mr. Wong, Coach Jayce, John Tran, Erik Fuller, Rany Ath, and Mr. Reed,” Jones added, “for making this program work so well.”


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