2017-2018 News — 01 June 2018
Junior project gives SJR students a taste of senior year

Project is an alternative to “traditional” finals

By Princess Paulmerie

As the end of the school year is approaching, Social Justice and Reform (SJR) teachers are already planning ahead for next year. SJR AVID 11 teacher Emily Macy already has her students picking and researching possible topics to use for next years senior project.

SJR English 3 teacher Grace Bigler and U.S. History teacher Mallory Logan are having the SJR juniors get a taste of what the senior project will look like next year by having them complete a 1-2 page context essay about  a social justice movement, then creating a presentation and a tri-fold poster in groups of 3-5 students.

Teachers believe that this will help students become prepared for what’s to come in the near future.

Many of the students have mixed feelings about this “junior project.” They say they will be more prepared but more stressed with the workload, and that this process feels a little unorganized.

Some students are ready for this to be over with and think that this is just adding too much pressure to what we already have to do.

“They should give less frickin work at the end of the year,” said SJR junior Heaven McDonald. “And prepare us two weeks before hitting us with hella stuff!”

“I’m just tired of school,” said SJR junior Victoria Quach.

The project gives students a practice with what they will be doing by having all the same aspects as the school’s senior project, but with less work.

“In a way it’s a helpful thing to do because it exposes us to what we will be experiencing in our senior year,” said SJR junior Aracelia Gutierrez, “but it may also be a bad thing since everyone is stressing over it because of all the other classes we have and don’t only focus on  just this project.”

“I feel like it’ll help us prepare for next year so we won’t just be going into it blindsided by everything. I feel ready for next year and get an idea for how to prepare for it,” said SJR junior Khirah McCoy. “I think they should also create a time where they work with each student individually.”

Many of the SJR students feel that next year they will have a head start and be ready to jump into next year but feel if the teachers fix little things, it will be a perfect way to help students.

“Teachers should have a more organized lesson plans” said SJR junior Nusaibah Shaheed.

“Our current project is really helpful preparing us for the senior project, because it gives us a glimpse of what is to come. I feel that i will be prepared for all the work,” said SJR junior Jiawen Wang. “Although teachers could be more organized and incorporate different opportunities and in class presenters.”

Although we won’t know until next year if these teachers have benefited the students, many of these students feel better prepared for their last year of high school.



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