2017-2018 Slider Sports — 22 May 2018
Badminton takes OAL silver

Two doubles teams place in the top four

By: Gieanne Aldana

On Friday, May 4, the girls’ badminton team fell short against Oakland Tech, taking second place in the overall Oakland Athletic League standings, which reflect the team’s singles and doubles wins.

On May 9, the top four doubles teams in the league went to the finals. Wildcats Qin He, a senior, and Jasmine Saelee, a junior, won second place in the OAL Division.

“It was good winning second in OAL doubles” said Saelee. “It was a huge accomplishment after days of practice. Working really hard paid off.”

Overall, Oakland High won second place, with Tech in first place and Skyline in third. O-High lost both of its two games against Tech, but dominated Skyline, winning their games 12-3 and 9-6.

“Being team captain this year feels surreal and I definitely enjoy being team captain with my fellow partner in crime and co-captain, Qin,” said senior Josephine Luong. “I’ve been on the team since my freshman year and I find it crazy that I’m captain because it feels like it was yesterday when I was trying out and sweating my butt off during conditioning to be on the badminton team.”

Luong and her doubles partner Crystal Bach won fourth place in the OAL finals.

He, Luong’s co-captain, said that it was chill being a captain but she wished she had more time to teach the rookies and work on her own skills.

“I feel very well and proud of the team’s effort and commitment,” said Julia DeGuzman, assistant coach and a Wellness Center staff member, adding that it’s “never early to start conditioning, and always remember why you play in the first place is to have fun.” DeGuzman also said it’s important to be a student first before an athlete, which means to prioritize getting good grades.

For the girls trying out for next year, Isabel Toscano, the team’s coach, said that they are searching for athleticism, coachability, openness to criticism, and the ability to apply pointers given by coaches and veterans.


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