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Another strong year for volleyball
Volleyball captain Kimhort Lork jumps for the ball in a game against KIPP King. Gieanne Aldana/The Aegis.

Volleyball captain Kimhort Lork jumps for the ball in a game against KIPP King. Gieanne Aldana/The Aegis.

Boys’ team comes in first in OAL, second in Oakland Section

By: Gieanne Aldana

The boys’ volleyball team won the Oakland Athletic League championships and came in second in Oakland Section Championship, which they lost to KIPP King on May 16.

“I was pretty confident during the game,” said Sou Saechao, a senior and team co-captain along with fellow senior Kimhort Lork. “We won the coin toss and we chose to serve first.”

Saechao felt that they weren’t beat by KIPP King, but by themselves.

“Live it all out to the court and play smart” said Kao Saephanh, assistant coach and math teacher, laying out his team’s strategy the day before the championships. “Don’t get down, don’t stop until the whistle blows, and keep the hype.”

They practiced the day after the OAL finals, which they won against Oakland Charter, 3 sets to none. During the practice, they worked on communication and covering the empty pockets.

“As a whole team, we just gotta trust each other and go with the flow.” said Sang Vo, a freshman on the team.

The Wildcats’ season record is 8-4, including finals, which is led by the floor captain Isaac Saechao, a junior.

“We got into the finals because we teach each other and we have great chemistry,” Saechao added. “I’ll try to play volleyball next year for our (college) intramurals.”

He also said that he is proud of the team’s passes, yelling in order to keep the energy up and predicting the opponent’s move.

“To (head coach Amy) Dellefield, I appreciate you putting me as a starter,” said Sou. “I know I’m a terrible player but love y’all.”


This article has been corrected from an earlier version, which mistakenly stated that the Wildcats came in second, not first, in the OAL. 

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