2017-2018 Student Life — 17 April 2018
College decisions are out!

By Harvey Pham

As students start to hear back from colleges, a mix of emotions that include excitement and anxiety start to overcome them.

“I got accepted into UCLA and I was really excited,” said senior Dennis Le. “Though, I’m still deciding on what’s the best college for me.”

Some of the news was the exact opposite of what Le received. Many got denied entry to the colleges that they wanted to go to.

“My dream school, UCLA, rejected me,” said senior Lawrence La. “I have been wanting to go to UCLA ever since I began high school, but now I guess I can’t.” La said he now plans to attend UC Davis.

Besides the letters of acceptance and rejection, the whole application process was full of positivity. However, the new CSU system, which many of our students used to apply to CSUs, confused things.

“My first choice is CSU Northridge,” said senior Ondria Garcia. “Although, it seems the new system is having a hard time processing my application, so I’ll probably be attending Grambling University.”

Overall, this year’s college application process has had a lot more upsides than last year, staff said.

“There were more positive vibes this year than last year,” said long-time college advisor Karen Baccaro. “Many students were able to get into their school of choice, and I’m excited for what’s to come for them.”


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