2017-2018 Sports — 28 March 2018
Boys’ volleyball starts strong

By: Gieanne Aldana

The boys’ volleyball team won their first game of the year against Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA), three sets to none, on Monday, March 26.

“It was a good game” said Kao Saephanh, volleyball coach and math teacher. “Shaky start, jittery about first game but got better plays throughout.”

The Wildcats were last year’s Oakland Athletic League champions, having the record of 11-1. They also represented Oakland in the regionals.

Saephanh mentioned that he and Amy Dellefield, also a coach of volleyball, prepare the boys through practice and having them scrimmage with each other.

Saephanh said that their goal is to defend the title and be champions again. Since it’s his first year of coaching, he thinks that the season is up in the air but looks promising. The team has few veterans and mostly new players.

The score for each set was 25-17, 25-18, 25-17 all in favor of the Wildcats.

“The Wildcats were really good,” said Triatta Sok, a freshman that watched the game. “CCPA started to catch up but then the Wildcats still maintained the lead.”

Sou Saechao, a senior and a veteran of the team, said that the difference between this year and last is that there are more teams to compete with and that there’s a new roster.

“KIPP King is the most challenging school to compete with in my opinion,” said Saechao. “But I’m looking forward to play against Skyline.”

He also gave some advice: “Newbies, just keep practicing, because practice makes perfect.”   


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