2017-2018 Sports — 16 March 2018
Badminton players gear up for cuts

Shortened season to begin in April

by: Gieanne Aldana

Our girls’ Badminton team started conditioning back on Feb. 5 and is starting to make cuts this week.

Their season starts after the spring break. They have been working hard on preparing.

“It’s really fun doing the try-outs,” said freshman Anh Vong. “But it’s stressful because they’re doing the cut-offs this week. If I get cut off, I’m gonna go back to my daily after-school routine.”

According to Isabel Toscano, the team’s coach, in order to be on the team, veterans need to have shown improvements, willingness, and openness to teaching the rookies. For the newbies (rookies), Toscano is searching for athleticism, coachability, openness to criticism, and the ability to apply pointers given by coaches and veterans.

Toscano also stated her expectations for the team, which are the girls having a memorable year and having fun. She also added that she wants players to have positive memories, and long lasting friendship. She noted her most important expectation is to win some games.

“Being team captain this year feels surreal and I definitely enjoy being team captain with my fellow partner in crime and co-captain, Qin,” said senior Josephine Luong. “I’ve been on the team since my freshman year and I find it crazy that I’m captain because it feels like it was yesterday when I was trying out and sweating my butt off during conditioning to be on the badminton team.”

Luong said she thinks that the biggest difference of this year’s season compared to last year is that they have a shorter season. In the past they would have a total of at least six games with Skyline and Oakland Tech, but due to the budget cuts, not only is the season starting late, but the number of regular-season games has been reduced to only about four, not including the OAL finals and the Jamboree.

Luong’s goal for the season is to train and help motivate rookies and veterans to have fun. “Even though I come off very assertive, I want the team to succeed and win, but before that you gotta have fun not only playing the sport but with the team members around you.” She added, “I’m excited to get to know my fellow teammates better as the season continues.”

“A message I have for the rookies is to: one, always have fun; two, never give up; three, never let the score define you as a player,” said Luong. “Four, I may have the title as captain and may come off a little pushy but if you get know me, I am actually a really big goofball, you ask the veterans.”


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