2017-2018 — 14 February 2018
Project KAI delivers another great show

On February 2nd at 6:30pm, Oakland High presented their 10th annual talent show called Project Kai. This year’s Project Kai made around $650 according to the senior class president.

There were lots of students that showed off their talents, ranging from singing to dancing to comedians.

“The dancing was really great,” said performer Buna Poeng, “It really lit up the show.”

Lots of people were surprised at the talent of a student who identified as “Cookie.” He sang “Sorry” and “Love Me Like You Do” by Justin Bieber.

“When I first heard that Cookie was going to perform at Project Kai, I was shocked because I didn’t think that he had any talents,” said junior Jasmine Vo. “But when he got on stage and started to sing, he proved me wrong. To be honest, he should have won.”

Junior Gabriel Glenn Berdan won first place with his talent of dancing. Junior Jamie Saefong came in second dancing and pleasing the crowd. Senior Bryant La got third place singing and making people laugh.

“This year’s Project Kai was really successful because lots of people performed and showed up,” said senior class president Josephine Luong. “Hopefully, next year will be the same, if not even better.”


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