2017-2018 Student Life — 27 February 2018
Students learn about lunch

By Princess Paulmerie 

The Oakland High students have mixed feelings on why they chose to get or not to get the school lunch.

Here are a some of the students reasons why they choose not to eat the school lunch.

“The line is long,” said junior Jia Wen Wang.  

“People are always cutting in line,” said junior Jasmine Vo.

“The food is nasty and it does not taste real,” said junior Morgan Dunbar.

“We don’t get any choices,” said junior Khirah McCoy.

Many of these students feel that they are either wasting time waiting or the food is not that good and they don’t get any say in why they should eat it.

However, there are many people that eat the school lunch who are happy with the food they receive and like the food they are offered.

Grace Bigler, an English teacher in the Social Justice and Reform pathway, took her juniors down to the cafeteria to have them get a look into the way that our food is prepared and how they try to make healthy choices for the students.

Some students even changed their mind on what they thought about school lunch.

“Yes this did change my view on the school lunch,” said McCoy. “I got to see how hard the staff work to prepare our food. I’d want other students to know to don’t take it for granted and the food is freshly made every day.”OHS1

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