2017-2018 Slider Student Life — 27 February 2018
buildOn to run half marathon

OHS students pose for a photo after completing the 5K run at the 2017 Oakland Running Festival. Image courtesy of Buna Poeng.

By Angie Nanphosy

The OHS buildOn club are getting ready to volunteer and to run the half marathon at the Oakland Running Festival on March 25. The 13.1-mile half marathon starts at 9:30 a.m.

Those that are doing the half marathon have to be done in 4.5 hours and those that are running the full 26.2-mile marathon have to be done in 7 hours.

Those that want to participate in the running festival can choose between running the 5k, half marathon, and the full marathon. Participants who are not students have to pay registration fees ranging from $30 – $175 depending on how the run. There are many programs that are partnering with the marathon and will help train those that want to get prepped for the marathon.

“The half marathon’s going to run all through Downtown Oakland,” said Doug Robeson, an AP Statistics and algebra teacher. “I will be running the marathon as well as other teachers and students.”

Last year, a team of Oakland High students and adults ran the 5K event, which is open to participants of all ages.

“To run the full marathon, [participants] have to be at least 16 years old,” said Geraldine Ah-Sue, an EBAYC staff member and trainer for the marathon. People 14 or older may run the half marathon.

Ah-Sue has organized a group of students who are volunteering at the event, and is now looking for more students to participate. She’s hoping to get as many student helpers as she can.

“So far, six people have volunteered,” said Ah-Sue. “I’m going to help train the students that are going to run.” She added that trainings will happen on Fridays after school from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Ah-Sue is also looking for more chaperones to volunteer to help with passing out the water and passing out the number bibs.

People interested in volunteering can speak with Ah-Sue in the Wellness Center.


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