2017-2018 Student Life — 27 February 2018
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Clubs look forward to spring performances

By Angie Nanphosy 

There are two performances coming this spring from the Cambodian Club in the Theater and from the Breakdancing Club at the Wellness Center at Oakland High.

The Cambodian Club will perform in the theater during the second week of April. They will be performing traditional dances. There will be varieties of all-girl dances, couple dances, and fun dances that require a bit of acting.

“Come by if you want to learn about the Cambodian culture,” said president of Cambodian Club  Ashley Sok. “It’s a great way to spread awareness of our culture.”

The Breakdance Club will battle on March 6 and 7 there will be people from all around battling in LA. People from different schools will compete for a high stake money prize. There will be different varieties of freestyling and an enthusiastic crowd just in like the years before.

“It’s a great experience. There’s loud music and lots of friendly people,” said president of breakdance Allex Ho. “I consider everyone in my club as family, it’s a great bonding experience.”

The Cambodian Club is looking forward to having new members. The Cambodian Club meets up every Monday at lunchtime to discuss what dances they should do. During the meetings the members pick the dances they want to perform.

“This year there will be more dances since the club is growing,¨ said Sok. “Though there’s a problem with the dances. We need more guys to join since there are a lot of girls this year.”

The Breakdancing Club are also looking forward to more members joining their family. They practice every Monday and Wednesday after school. They meet up every day at lunch to just hang out and get in some extra practice if they can’t come after school.

“Breakdance is not that hard as it seems we start beginners off easy, we don’t just go straight into flips and crazy stunts.” said Ho. “We would love to have more people join so they could learn and see what started breakdance in the 1970s.”


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