2017-2018 Slider Sports — 16 February 2018
Girls’ soccer starts on the rise

By Gieanne Aldana

In the 2018 soccer season, the  Lady Wildcat soccer team has won against Tech, Skyline and Madison Park.

Back on Jan. 31, they won against Madison park. Next, on Feb. 2 against Skyline, 2-0, and then against Tech II on Feb. 7, 2-1.

“Winning was like getting revenge on Skyline,” said Tiffany Ortega, sophomore and rookie of the team. “They were talking a lot and I guess they thought they had the win, but we proved them wrong on our turf.”

The Wildcats lost against Tech II back on Jan. 24, but won against them in a home game.

Coach and math teacher Doug Robeson said that the team has played “Pretty well so far.”Robeson added that the team’s strength is that they work well together and that the team has good freshman and upper-class-man players.

Robeson also mentioned that this year was better last year. The reason is they won more games this season.

“You feel free,” said Jennifer Bamaca, freshman and also a rookie, talking about the feeling while playing. “You have no worries while playing on the field.”

Robeson’s expectation for the team while on the game is to keep playing on the field. He also mentioned that he would coach again next year.

“It’s not tiring (playing soccer) if you have high stamina,” Bamaca added.

The team’s goal is to go to every game and try and be competitive.

“We worked for our games even on our practice,” Ortega said. Their overall record is 5 wins, 5 loss and 1 tie.


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