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Ask Athena: Dropping Out and Getting Annoyed

Dear Athena,athena-small

I have this urge to drop out of high school because it’s a simple solution, but I want to go to UC Davis, but I messed up my GPA after I transferred and now I’m worried I can’t get a 4.0 because of a few classes. I’m trying to push myself but I procrastinate so much. What should I do?


Dear Dropout,

Dropping out should never be an option! You must push through and follow your dreams despite the obstacles you face. I can see why it would be hard to find confidence when your grades took a drop and your dream school looks farther and farther away, but I believe you still have a chance.

Yes, colleges look at grades, but they also are looking at the person you are; what kind of person you’ve become. Use your obstacles and turn them into your story. Overcome this grade drop by working hard now and staying on track. Then, what seemed to be failure, will turn into a story of success. Keep working hard and get the highest grades possible, as they do matter, but make sure to involve yourself in things that make you standout as a student as well (i.e. sports, clubs, community service). Overcome the odds!

Your Shield,



Hi Athena. Ever since school began, every B day, I sit with someone who always bothers me. I am the person’s partner and every time I sit with that person, he always tries to crack my knuckles, twist my arm, bend my phone, try to spray his mint sprayer at me, and many more things. I can not move seats because he told me not to and I am terrified. Is this bullying? What should I do?

–Over It

Dear Over It,

I’m sorry that you’re going through this, as it seems very unpleasant. I think you should first try and talk to your partner; maybe he’s going through things and just wants a friend? If not, then you should try and move seats as soon as possible, then you’ll be stress free. Although, make sure to report the student to a teacher so he doesn’t bother students again as this is definitely bullying. Hopefully the school gives him help and that student can come out a better person.

Your Shield,


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