2017-2018 Arts Commentary — 12 January 2018
“The Last Key” is good, but not scary

By Jhovana Delgadillo

“Insidious: The Last Key”, the PG-13-rated fourth movie in the “Insidious” horror series, came in a with a lot of hype. People were excited because the last three “Insidious” movies were really good and scary.

The main character Elise Rainier (played by Lin Shaye) goes through a lot in this movie having to deal with the consequences from her past in which she let out the demon of keys.

Elise, who is a parapsychologist, accompanied by her assistants, goes to the house that she grew up in to help a man conquer a demon. While doing this she has multiple flashbacks to her childhood and multiple plot twists you don’t expect, like when her dad was being abusive.  

The movie didn’t have many jump scares but it did have some interesting flashbacks from her terrible childhood which makes you understand why she likes helping people.

I however thought the movie wasn’t scary at all, but it was good because of Shaye’s acting. The plot twists were also entertaining and easy to follow. While watching the movie I was waiting for something really scary to pop out but there really weren’t any scenes scary enough for me to jump.

I do recommend this; even though it might not be the scariest movie, it is entertaining, and if you happen to go to the movie theater while this is playing you should watch it.

Overall Grade: B+

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