2017-2018 Arts & Entertainment — 07 December 2017

By Jason Chuong

In the movie “World War Z” which has been out for 4 years and is now available to stream on Netflix and any other streaming service. A U.N investigator (Brad Pitt) finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. According to IMDb they rate this movie a 7/10.  He was stuck  within the middle of traffic with his family, then suddenly chaos erupts in the streets.

This movie is suspenseful and makes people anxious since you won’t know what will happen next. It’s exciting and every second of it keeps your eyes on the screen. I like the special effects and how every scene makes it look like it’s the end of the world. The explosions and the wide view from above makes a good example of this. It added depth and realism to the movie. The movie was intense and had close calls.

There are lots of action scenes and moments where you are expecting a jump scare, but sadly there wasn’t any. The character development was lacking because they didn’t give us any story or background on his family which doesn’t make me feel bad for them if anything happens to them.

I recommend this movie to families that want to watch a zombie movie together. It’s for people that are a fan of the zombie genre and thriller. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to some people because the movie doesn’t bring anything new to the table since the movie does the same thing in other zombie films.

Overall Grade: B-


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