2017-2018 — 05 December 2017
Uneven “Justice League” still worth seeing

Many people heard about the movie that disappointed most DC Comics fans, “Justice League,” which was released on Nov. 17. This movie is new; however, it is a remake of old cartoons and comic books. I believe it is way better than the old films because of the computer-generated imagery (CGI).

This movie is similar to other movies because it is filled with action and adventure. There were parts in the movie that made you laugh and parts that made you fall into the action packed entertainment. This is different than other DC superhero movies because the movies usually star one hero and the Justice League is a whole group of them.

The story was decent, however I think that the movie rushed everything. I would have loved it if the producers had spent more time on each section, and wish I got to see more of the characters. The plot was generic and all of the characters were just thrown in together.

I watch the TV show “The Flash” and the Flash (Ezra Miller) in “Justice League” was just awful compared to the TV show. I feel like his character was trying to be funny and the other characters were serious so it didn’t really match. Other than that, the rest of the cast were lots of fun. It was cool seeing them all work together for the first time on the big screen.

A scene that really worked was when they finally revived Superman (Henry Cavill). The build-up for his character to be revived was truly amazing. It showed how powerful Superman was because he took on the rest of the team with ease. Superman held Batman (Ben Affleck) in the air by his neck and was close to killing him until Superman’s love, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) came onto the scene. The look on his face when he saw her was priceless. The way Superman and Lois talked and looked at each other showed that the chemistry they had was beautiful. There was great action, tension, and drama all in one scene.

Others believe that the movie had a really terrible flaw. There was quite a bit of controversy with the new armor for the Amazons. They believed that the costumes were a little bit too revealing compared to the more conservative costumes for the same characters in “Wonder Woman.”

This movie was as bad as everybody else stated but at the same time it was good. The  characters, other than the Flash, had great chemistry with each other. I think that people should watch it, but not waste money in theatres. Wait until it comes out online.

Overall Grade: B-


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