2017-2018 — 12 December 2017
OUSD has a budget crisis

Students and teachers opinions on the cuts

By: Emily Cien

The Oakland Unified School District exceeded over their budget many times over the last few years, when Antwan Wilson was still the superintendent.

The staff at OUSD is currently struggling to fix a budget crisis caused under the management of Wilson. The district currently needs to cut $15 million from the budget and some students and teachers have a few ideas on who or what the district should cut.

“If the district does decide to have to cut from the schools,” said sophomore Xiao He, “I think maybe the teachers who are almost ready to retire should be cut.”

Although the staff at the central office may have their own ideas about what should be cut, Oakland High community members say it’s important to see the views of those who work at a school in the district since the cuts may affect their school or their own jobs.

“I think that the cuts should be from the central office, board members, and salaries from the top of the chain,” said science teacher Matt Fields. “They were the ones that made the mistakes.”

Although people are suggesting to cut from the top, there might be some things that can be cut from the schools. “I think that the school should cut the teachers for the classes that already have enough teachers,” said freshman Nina Hong. “I don’t think it’s necessary to have so many teachers for just one subject.”

The OUSD board members will be voting on what to cut from the budget on Dec. 13.


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