2017-2018 News — 05 December 2017

Staff and students concerned about safety

By Leonel Guillen


On Monday, Nov. 6, around 1:45 p.m., a non-student and a former student got into an altercation with a current student when they walked into school campus to pick up the transcript for the former student, according to a school administrator.

The altercation, which took place in the 200s hallway, resulted in the stabbing injury of the current student, a junior in the Project Lead the Way engineering pathway, who was then taken to the hospital.

“The suspect was taken into custody by police here in Oakland High,” said Principal Matin Abdel-qawi. “The student was taken to the hospital for his injuries.” Abdel added that video surveillance footage suggested that “the student was also the aggressor who started the altercation. We believe it was motivated by a love triangle.¨

The event that happened was unexpected because it doesn’t often happen at Oakland High and it caught people off guard. Also, students are questioning about how the school and staff let this happened and some are really concerned about their own safety.

“I was really shocked about what happened on Monday,” said Oakland High senior Emilee Saechao. “I never thought it would happen at our school and this really is a concern for my and everyone else’s safety.”

After this event, Abdel made a robocall to Oakland High student families to inform them of the altercation. Some parents who heard about the news were concerned about their own child’s safety. Now staff and administrators are taking and extra precautions to make sure this kind of thing would be prevented.

According to Abdel, the confrontation began when the OHS student ran down to the hallway where the former and non-OHS student were walking. The couple told him to go away but the student continued to follow and talking to them. The altercation got heated when the boyfriend and the student started arguing and then started fighting. The non-OHS student took out a knife and stabbed the student multiple times before OHS staff came in and stopped the fight.

“This is really frightening that this happened,” said Oakland High junior Daniel Castro. “The school really has to to do a better job keeping us safe and also make sure check people before they let them in.”


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