2017-2018 Commentary — 01 December 2017
Long-running “Minds” still thrills

By: Emily Liang

“Criminal Minds” is an American drama series on CBS, produced by The Mark Gordon Company, that focuses on FBI profilers who solve the most heinous crime cases. According to IMDb, the show’s rating is 8.1/10. The first episode aired in 2005, and is still ongoing today. It currently has 13 seasons. I recommend “Criminal Minds” to anyone who enjoys suspense and crime, and is not bothered by blood, gore, or frightening situations.

“Criminal Minds” keeps watchers on the edge of their seat. In most episodes, the viewers know the murderers before the FBI profilers do. This makes viewers more engaged and focused on the show. The episodes are creepy, emotional, and suspenseful.

The cast of the main characters on “Criminal Minds” is very diverse. This ensures that when people are watching, they can relate to some of the issues that some of the characters have to face. One of the main characters, Derek Morgan is played by Shemar Moore, was born in Oakland. Moore exited the show in 2016, after 11 seasons and 251 episodes.

“Criminal Minds” is a unique show because of the originality of the cases. Viewers don’t know what to expect when watching. Usually, each episode is a new case. However, in season finales, some cases are several episodes long. These episodes end in cliffhangers, leaving viewers desperate for more.

In addition, aside from criminal cases, the FBI analysts have their personal problems too. For example, one of the FBI analysts, Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), had to run away from an escaped prisoner that she arrested by being an undercover officer. This story arc ran for several episodes, ending in Prentiss faking her death and the escaped prisoner getting caught. Another example includes another FBI analyst, Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), struggling with a drug problem and his rocky relationship with his sick mother.

I recommend “Criminal Minds” to anyone who enjoys suspense and crime. This show will exceed their expectations because it is unlike other crime shows.

Overall Grade: A+


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