2017-2018 Arts & Entertainment Slider — 22 December 2017
Korean drama, “Doctor Stranger,” is a hit

By Buna Poeng

Sent to North Korea by the corrupt politician, Jang-Seok-joo (Chun-Ho jin), surgeon Park Cheol (Kim-Sang-joong) is to save the heart of the dictator of North Korea, the one and only Kim Il Sung. With a gun pointed to Park Cheol’s son, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-suk), during the surgery, the pressure is on for Park Cheoul to succeed. This is the suspense that fills the first episode, and it only gets more suspenseful from there.

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“Doctor Stranger,”  made in 2014, will make you feel happy, sad, mad, and leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. I found myself pausing the show during suspenseful scenes just because I couldn’t handle what was going on. Of course the resolutions of the problems always leave a smile on your face, so the suspense pays off.

One of my favorite aspects of the show is definitely the romance. The main character, Park  Hoon, is on a journey to search for the love of his life who he had to leave in North Korea.  Song Jae-hee (Jin See-yeon), his lover, keeps Park Hoon on his toes and their encounters  always make my heart all warm inside. Their love on screen just feels so real, and makes the  show better than it already is.

In every story, there’s a protagonist and antagonist. As mentioned already, Park Hoon is the protagonist of the story, though may seem like an anti-protagonist at times, and Jang Seouk-joo, the corrupt politician, is the main antagonist. More often than not, I found myself wanting to strangle Jang Seouk-joo because of the problems he made arise. I won’t lie, he’s the reason the show was so good as the drama is the core of the show, but I still hated his guts. If there’s one thing you may not like about this show, it’ll be him.

Now the unsung gold of the show, was the humor in some of the scenes. With so much drama going on, the light hearted parts were always a good change of scenery. So don’t be surprised when you find yourself laughing so hard that your stomach hurts during one of the scenes. Laughing that hard during a hardcore drama? Who would’ve guessed.

I would recommend this show, which people can stream on Drama Fever for free, to an avid K-drama (Korean drama) watcher, and I would highly recommend this to someone who wants to get into K-dramas. It’s a show you’ll definitely remember for a long time after watching.

Overall Grade: A+



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