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It’s almost Christmas!

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” could make a wonderful Christmas movie

By: Emily Cien

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a great film directed by Tim Burton which can be perfect for both Halloween and Christmas. It’s an animated fantasy and musical film about Jack Skellington (voiced by Danny Elfman) wanting to get a change and not scare people like he does every Halloween. Since Christmas is coming up, it would be an awesome movie to watch for the occasion since it does have a Christmas theme throughout most of the movie.

Something I really enjoyed about the movie was how all the characters acted. When Jack proposed the idea to start celebrating Christmas instead of Halloween, almost everyone in town agreed to as well and didn’t argue with him about it. The only character who didn’t want like his idea was Sally (voiced by Catherine O’Hara) because she could tell that bad things were going to happen.

One of the many scenes I enjoyed in the movie would be when Jack first enters through the door into the town of Christmas, he’s really excited to see so many different things. Since he lives in a dark and gloomy world, he’s never seen such bright things and I think it’s very interesting to see how his character reacts.

Something I think could have been improved would be how in some moments of the movie, the songs they played were very upbeat even though the scene didn’t quite fit the song’s mood. For example, one scene with this issue would be when the Oogie Boogie man is about to kill Santa Claus and he’s singing a very joyful song even when something bad is about to happen.

A scene that I didn’t enjoy as much was when Sally still helped Jack with his plan to make his own Christmas even though she had a good reason for disagreeing with him. I think that if she tried a bit harder to convince him it was a bad idea, it might’ve worked.

I would recommend “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to people who enjoy movies where the characters are made up and sing quite a lot. People who enjoy watching holiday related films would also enjoy this film.

Overall Grade: A


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