2017-2018 — 22 December 2017
“Arrow” still flies true

By : Harvey Pham

One of the top TV shows today, “Arrow,” which premiered in 2012 and is in the middle of its sixth season, is full of intense action, plot twists, and lots of drama. Some people say that some of the drama is really dark and not for children.

“Arrow” is about a superhero team that stops bad guys daily. It first started when a man named Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was part of a storm at sea that broke the boat and became lost at sea. His father died and Oliver ended up stranded on an island for five years before people found him and he returned to where he lived, Star City. Before his dad died, he showed Oliver a book of bad guys. He wanted to avenge his dad so he put on a green suit and a bow and arrow and began to call himself the Green Arrow.

Season 6 is probably one of the best seasons due to all the heartbreaking drama and cool villains. In the other seasons the bad guys were all weak and easy to take down, however in this season the main villain, Cayden James (Michael Emerson), has made Team Arrow, a team of superheroes put together by Oliver Queen, struggle, lose all hope, and fight with each other instead of him. Cayden James also has a team of people that were pretty close to the members of Team Arrow so all of the drama stops prevents them from how they normally fight.

Since Oliver was stranded by himself on the island, he still has some trust and emotional issues that interfere with Team Arrow. After an incident that almost exposed Oliver as the Green Arrow, he didn’t trust his team which caused them to all argue and at the end of Season 6 Episode 9, everybody left Team Arrow because of how Oliver did not trust them.

The love stories in this season is also another reason why Season 6 is one of the better seasons. Oliver and his girlfriend, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), finally get married after their heartbreaking break up. One of the team arrow members, Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy), had an ex boyfriend that came back and became the villain. She was still in love with him but kept it a secret from the rest of the Team Arrow. Oliver’s friend for a long time, Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne), who lost his daughter to a villain in a previous season has to go against his daughter from another world which is really hard for him.

It is the middle of the season and I feel that it is going to get way better. The last episode ended in a cliffhanger, leaving their audience wondering what would happen when it comes back. I feel that it has the potential to be one of the best TV show seasons to come out.

Overall Grade: A


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