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A K-pop coup

Breakthrough group BTS wows the crowd at AMAs

By: Gieanne Aldana

One of the biggest international pop boy bands, BTS (방탄소년단) performed their hit song “DNA” in the American Music Awards (AMAs) last Sunday, Nov. 9.

They are the first K-pop (Korean pop) group to perform in the AMA’s. Years ago, Psy, a Korean artist, performed his viral song “Gangnam Style.” He posted a video on Instagram of him performing in the AMA’s with a caption in Korean that said, “5 years ago, now BTS’s turn.”

“I’m happy and excited,” said Lisa Ngo, sophomore and a member of BTS ARMY fandom.

BTS won Billboard’s Top Social Artist Award last May 21 which is a first for the Korean Community. They were surprised because Justin Bieber won the award from the previous years. But last year, BTS won the Artist of the Year Award (Daesang) for Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2016.

“Thank you ARMY. You guys have made all of this possible,” said Taehyung Kim, lead singer of the band.

During their performance, many of their fans started crying tears of joy because they finally got to see their favorites. In return, the fans did their fan-chants to make the performers less nervous and have confidence.

In the video-sharing app called Vlive, the boys said they would like to come back to America and perform again. Because of the success of their U.S. TV Debut, they signed with an American label called Red Distribution which is owned by Sony Music.

Having an American label doesn’t mean that they are going to produce all English songs. It just means that all of their activities in the U.S. will be managed more easily.

This is lucky for the fans who can’t buy their albums, because with U.S. distribution, BTS songs will just naturally come on the radio. This also unlocks bigger achievements and higher rank on charts.

Not only are these boys doing good in the music industry by influencing young people by the meaning of their song lyrics, they also teamed up with UNICEF to do the “Love Yourself” campaign. They together formed the end violence campaign, making the world a safer place for everybody to live by sponsoring them.

Member of the ARMY fandom are happy about this debut in the U.S. because of their sense that the Korean media is doing BTS wrong. Lately, the fans were voting for the Mnet Asian Music Awards for BTS, but a sudden shutdown happened which left them devastated.

Before the shutdown, BTS was leading all of the categories that they are nominated, but when the website came back, they went down to second place losing millions of votes per category. ARMYs were eager to prove them wrong.

On Dec. 1, BTS won best music video award and Artist of the Year. They are the only group that won the award two years in a row.

“Without you guys, we wouldn’t have been be able to receive such warm awards,” said RM, the leader of BTS, to their fans in their winning speech.”We are no longer sad, nor hurt. We are confident and proud.”

BTS performed in the AMAs along with Niall Horan, Shawn Mendes, P!nk and many more artists. On interviews in the red carpet and before the performance, BTS said that they are nervous and excited at the same time. But during their performance, you couldn’t sense any nervousness within them at all.

The boys debuted back in 2013 in a small company called BigHit Entertainment in Seoul, Korea. They only dreamt of performing at the AMAs and attending the Billboard Music Awards and now their dream came true. They still can’t believe that they have made it this far.

Overall, many artist that attended the AMAs are moved by BTS’ dance moves, singing, and rapping skills. Because of the success of the performance, they have been rumored to be fully booked for 2018, which would be a huge impact for a boy band that came from another country.

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