2017-2018 News — 22 December 2017

By: Emily Liang and Eva Li

On Dec. 13, the Oakland Unified School District announced that $9 million will be  reduced in total and $3.8 million will be cut from school sites.

Exactly $349,251 will be cut directly from Oakland High School. These cuts will generally be split between materials, supplies, and elimination of positions, according to Principal Matin Abdel-qawi, in an email sent Tuesday, Dec. 19.

“Being responsible for determining the cuts and knowing how it will negatively impact our campus is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as a high school principal,” said Abdel. “It saddens me that our scholars will suffer as a result of adult decisions made away from our school.”

As for the Future Center, which helps students plan for life after high school, there is no known decision made yet to determine if it will be part of the budget cut. “I think it’s really sad,” said Ziada Keflezighi, a college and career ready specialist in the Future Center, helping and preparing kids with their college needs. “And the kids are the ones who are paying for it.” She believes this budget cut will be a disservice to kids, especially when these resources are taken away on the behalf of adult errors.

Emile Saechao, a senior, said she has “mixed feelings [about the budget] because I think it’s good that they’re trying to stabilize themselves but it sucks because the upcoming graduates will lose a lot of resources to help them in the future… it will be harder for juniors and seniors to get help since programs will be cut and lots of support will be gone.” She believes that the cuts should be from the “higher ups, not from school resources.”

Yong Liang, a sophomore, hopes that she won’t see drastic changes in the school or in classrooms. “[The budget] is necessary… because this will allow the administration to take care of the budget better since we’re losing money and we don’t want to lose more.” She said, “Sport teams will have less money, and they might cut free after school programs. And the Wellness Center provides free checkups and if they cut that then people will have to find another way to have checkups.”

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