2017-2018 Commentary — 17 November 2017
Spirit Week or nahh?!!

By: Tamelah Hardley, Jhovana Delgadillo and Taliah Long

SPIRIT WEEK! Everybody is ready to represent their class this year, or not.

Spirit Week is the time when students are supposed to dress up at Oakland high as different themes four days before homecoming to show school spirit and compete in the Spirit Week contest. The themes are chosen by the leadership class.

This year they chose tie-dye day, dress to impress, around the world, and theme day.

However, there has been controversy around the school about theme days being boring or too expensive.

“In leadership class we all put our ideas together, which not everyone will agree with what we chose,” said senior Iyonna Garcia.

The spirit days do matter because if the days are too complicated and require lots of money then the students won’t participate. If students don’t participate in Spirit Week then they won’t get money for their class, which is the reward for class participation, and which pays for things like prom and field trips.

Student complaints were that Spirit Week wasn’t what they expected. They wanted more participation and themes that would be more creative. Some said it was boring and it was catered towards some students but not all and it should be catered towards everyone.

If we want to see changes students should Leadership class. “Students can join by just signing up, but it’s only fourth period,” said Amy Dellefield, the Leadership teacher.  

The only day that people really dressed up was rally day which was just class color the seniors scored 40, juniors 20, sophomores 30, and freshmen 10. In our opinion the days before rally day weren’t successful like dress to impress; seniors only scored 10, Juniors scored 20, sophomores 30 and freshmen 10. Not a lot of people dressed up because how could somebody dress up to impress when some students don’t have fancy clothes? It’s not convenient.

Next time Spirit Week needs to be affordable because things were kind of expensive. Students should join Leadership class so new ideas will sprout like the prices being lowered because some can’t afford to buy the proper attire.

Things that they should consider is pajama day, wacky tacky day, and twin day. These are things students will participate in, because we didn’t see much dressing up this year, but we did in past years when there was pajama day.


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