2017-2018 Slider Sports — 03 November 2017
Oakland High Injuries

By Iris Ard, Princess Paulmerie, Jade Thomas 

High school athletes are working  their body hard and some sustain injury while doing it.

Senior Fredrick Mackay sprained a ligament in his top right shoulder and bone separation. Which caused him to be out for three weeks. He plays varsity football safety and wide receiver. To recover he had to ice the shoulder, attend physical therapy, and rest.

 Junior Iris Ard suffered a dislocated kneecap last season. Ard said she was out for the rest of the year and is still not cleared to play basketball. She was the power forward and center for the junior varsity team freshman year and starting of sophomore year.

“I broke my ankle in the game so I am supposed to be out for four to six weeks plus recovery time,” said varsity player Christian Cruz, a running back for the football team. “All I can really do to get better is take care of myself while I have the cast on, then after it is off I’ll do physical therapy so I can learn how to use my leg again.”

 “OAL should provide onsite athletic trainers,” said football varsity coach Jayce Goree. “I have been coaching at Oakland High School for seven years. I focus on nutrition, stretching, icing, weight lifting to help keep my players safe.”

 “I have been coaching for 14 years and I work on the core while trying to prevent injury,” said girls basketball coach Orlando Gray. “I also think that OAL should hire trainers for all the schools in Oakland instead of spending money on other things.”

 Both varsity coaches they think Oakland High School and any OAL team should have professional trainers.


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