2017-2018 — 03 November 2017
Oakland High Faces Shortage of Nurses

By: Eva Li and Emily Liang

Since the summer, there have been a shortage of nurses from Oakland Unified School District, according to Sherry Kassenbrock, a nurse at Oakland High.

Aside from personal reasons and other nurses retiring, the lack of people applying for nursing positions leads to the nursing shortage, according to Kassenbrock. In addition, due to the lack of outreach and creativity in ads presented through social media, many people are unaware that OUSD is hiring school nurses.

“I feel overwhelmed, unorganized, and hectic,” said nurse Linh Nguyen.

With the shortage of nurses at OUSD, Oakland High nurses must each tackle the responsibility of checking into one other school sites and supporting the needs of hundred of students in need of medical attention or medical issues.

“Imagine 300 students, and then imagine checking in with them at least once,¨ said Kassenbrock. ¨And then several times throughout the school year.¨

According to the National Association of School Nurses, nurses are expected to follow a specific guideline that entails tasks such as “maintaining accurate documentation [of a student’s health], perform emergency diabetes care tasks, and conducting periodic assessments of students.”

“They are very helpful when you want to get a physical for sports,”said Junior Jose Guillen. “They are also very helpful in helping students with injuries and other medical problems.”

“We hold our breath,” said Nguyen, chuckling. “We’ll exhale when eight nurses show up.”



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