2017-2018 News — 07 November 2017
Northern California Fires leave 10,000 homes destroyed

Fires leave 42 dead

By Leonel Guillen

California has been hit by one of the most devastating wildfires in state history, which burned huge sections of Sonoma and Napa counties from Sunday, Oct. 9 to Thursday, Oct.26  at Sonoma and Napa counties. The fire spread really quickly due to the dry conditions and heavy winds.

The fire was out of control which caused it to spark into different areas of Sonoma County, Napa, and Santa Rosa. These fires were destroying homes and vineyards and showed no signs of stopping. On Oct. 13, Governor Jerry Brown ordered mandatory evacuations in Northern California for the areas who were being threatened by the wildfires

“I thought it was atrocious, the fact that thousands of homes were burned and many people were burned and many were missing,” said senior Sou Saechao. “Seeing the footage of the fire it didn’t seem real to me, it looked too devastating to be true and the fact that it’s close to the bay. Prayers out to the North Cal fire victims.”

The East Bay experienced several days of hazardous air quality, according to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and OUSD even made school optional on Thursday in order to provide flexibility for students with breathing problems. These wildfires were some of the worst wildfires in state history. Officials said these fires were like the ones in 1991 in the Oakland Hills where the fire killed 25 people and destroyed more than 1,520 acres.

Officials said they evacuated people as fast as they could for the areas that were being threatened by the fires. The people were trying to take as many things as they could carry and they were forced to leave. Places like the community centers offered people who lost their homes a place to stay.

“I feel bad for the people in NorCal who had to witness and watch their homes burn to the ground,” said senior Andrew Phanh.

Firefighters and police from different counties came to help people and also tried to contain these fires from spreading even further. These emergency responders worked around the clock to get the people out, especially people who have medical issues, because the smoke was really bad.

“When I saw the fire I thought it was really horrific to see with all the fires and smoke,” said senior Rodolfo Sanchez. “I hope all the people in North Cal are ok.”


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