2017-2018 — 03 November 2017
It’s finally Halloween at Oakland High

Oakland High teachers dress up in great costumes

By: Emily Cien, Jaaziel Michao, Leo Guillen, Makayla Melles

It’s finally Halloween and many Oakland High teachers have dressed up in some interesting and creative costumes. Some went full out and wore a full body costume while some only wore a few accessories.

Many teachers think that Halloween is a great time to express yourself or act as someone or something you usually aren’t. It also seems like a great time to be able to dress up and not get judged for it.

“It’s a good time to express who I really am,” said Special Ed teacher Deborah Britt, who was dressed as a leopard.

It’s always fun to see classmates and friends dress up, but it’s also fun to see what kind of costumes your teachers could think of.

While many teachers have a few costume pieces that they bought from the store, some teachers don’t even go buy costumes from the store. They create their own costumes and most of them are very creative.

“I dressed as (social studies teacher) Mr. White for Halloween since students are always calling me the wrong name,” said science teacher Matt Fields. “They’ll finally call me the right name for once.”

While some teachers dress up for the fun of the holiday, some dress up for different reasons. Art teacher Steve Bronson said, “The kids are counting on me to dress up.” To him, it may feel like his students expect him to dress up in a costume because it’s Halloween.

Many students are thrilled to see their teachers dressed up in various costumes since most teachers wear regular clothes most of the year. It’s fun to see them dressed up in a not-so-normal look.

“It’s fun to see personality, spirit, and creativity from our teachers,” said sophomore Marie Rodriguez-Takada.


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