2017-2018 — 17 November 2017

By: Kearra Shaw

From the Blumhouse Production a new mystery thriller film called “Happy Death Day” was released on Friday, Oct. 13. The film tells the story of a college student, Tree Geldman (Jessica Rothe), who keeps reliving Sept. 18 because it’s her “death day,” the day she dies.


According to Universal Pictures, “Happy Death Day” is described as “Groundhog Day” meets “Scream”. But I believe it was more like “Final Destination” because it’s as force that wants her to die by rewinding time.

“It felt like my skin was boiling up with the emotion of fear,” said Zaraney Shannon, an Oakland High senior. “My eyes were wide from shock.”

She heard about the movie from a friend and went to go see it Sunday because it had the very interesting rating of 10/10 from her friends. She said this movie was different because it was very catchy and mysterious.  

Shannon would recommend it and thinks everybody should watch if they like mystery and thriller movies.

Blumhouse Production named the movie “Half to Death” about ten years ago as the movie was first pitched with Megan Fox proposed as the female lead. The script was renamed “Happy Death Day,” and Blumhouse Production grossed over $70 million worldwide for the film, which has received generally positive reviews.

“Happy Death Day” is unique with the mask creation of a baby that was scary enough to make people jump. Like when the masked killer pops out from behind somewhere with loud dramatic music.

“Watching this movie, it made me feel like I was in the movie running to protect my life,” said Shannon.

Tavier Lelaind, another Oakland High senior, said he heard about the movie from commercials and went to see it the day it came out with a friend.  He described it being different from other scary movies in the concept of not having privacy because her roommate knowing her birthday when she didn’t want anyone to know.

“It’s a good movie to take your girl to go see,” said Lelaind, “because it’s not a movie just to go have fun and see because it’s a scary movie.” He believe all ages can watch it but mostly 14 through 40.

The movie was so thrilling sometimes because of the dramatic music and the different ways Tree was killed that may leave you in shock. However, most of the movie was not as exciting.

The movie started off normal with Tree being a young adult going to a party and then crazy whenever she got killed. And I like the fact that in all the crazy madness she had time to fall in love with Carter, the same boy whose room that she woke up in.

Overall Grade: C


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