2016-2017 Sports — 08 November 2017
Basketball team’s’ preliminary rosters announced

On Friday, Nov. 3, the boys crowded the locker room hoping to see their name on the list to let them know they have made the basketball team.

“I prayed all night,” said freshman Jeremiah Paulmerie. “I really hoped I made the team.”

Since the start of the school year, boys have came to the gym for conditioning trying to prove to the coaches they have what it takes to play for the Oakland High basketball team.

The girls’ basketball team also finished their tryouts on Nov. 3.

Since September, the girls have been in the gym working hard also prove they have what it takes to be a Wildcat basketball player.

The countdown till the season has begun, and both teams are putting in the work to have a winning season.

“It was a good experience,” freshman Brianna Johnson said of the conditioning, “because I got to learn some new drills.”

Freshman Nevaeh Baker added that conditioning was “a great challenge for me because I needed encouragement from the older girls to push me to do my best.”

Paulmerie, Johnson, and Baker have all made the team.



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