2017-2018 Arts & Entertainment — 04 October 2017
VAAMP Field Trip

By Emily Liang

On Sept. 28, students in Oakland High School’s Visual Arts Academy went on a bonding field trip to Redwood Regional Park.

As the new school year begins, bonding field trips are common throughout Oakland High School’s various academies. According to a VAAMP teacher, all VAAMP teachers and students were invited to come, giving the sophomores the opportunity to build relationships and connect with VAAMP teachers and students in other grades.

There, students were able to participate in a variety of workshops to strengthen their community and allow them to meet new people within the academy. These workshops included hiking, watercolor painting, napping, henna, photography, friendship bracelet making, kickball, frisbee, and dodgeball.

“It was nice to see people in VAAMP that I didn’t know, and it was nice trying new things,” said Crystal Bach, a junior in VAAMP, describing her experience of the field trip last year.

The activities she participated on the trip included face painting, dance, watercolor painting, and friendship bracelet making. She described the trip as “fun, and a good time.”

Lisa Ngo, a sophomore that attended the field trip, said, “To be honest, it was kind of boring.” She said she would’ve enjoyed the trip more if there was more food and more activities.

She participated in the photography workshop, which allowed students to use cameras and take photographs of the scenery and people around them.

Jenny Clark, a VAAMP teacher, isn’t sure whether the field trip has helped students bond with other students. However, she believes that the field trip has definitely helped students get to know teachers more.

“I thought it was really good for students to talk to the new teachers in VAAMP this year,” said Clark. “It’s a really good moment for these students to talk and to get to know these teachers.”

VAAMP 5- Arteaga# small

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