2017-2018 Sports — 31 October 2017
Swim Team hopeful despite setback

Byline: Iris Ard, Princess Paulmerie, Jade Thomas

Due to the fact that the pool is polluted with fiberglass, the swim team isn’t able to practice in the pool.

Clare Burger, the Oakland High swim coach and PE teacher, has been having the team do land exercises to keep them in shape. She said she has hopes that the city will fix the pool soon.

“They are supposed to be working on the pool this week,” said Burger. “Fingers crossed.”

Burger isn’t able to train the new swimmers due to this setback. They have until January to get the pool together, before swim season starts.

The swim team’s first meet is in the beginning of March at Berkeley High School. Then they will be moving on to Oakland Athletic League (OAL) competitions.

“Since the pool is closed, I have been having the swimmers watching films to prepare for the meets,” said Burger.

This is a huge setback for the Oakland High School, but the Wildcats will find a way to win the OAL, said senior swim team member Buna Poeng.

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