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New art teacher embraces creativity

New art teacher embraces creativity

 By Jason Chuong


The new art teacher Tiffany Allen has started her first year at Oakland High teaching Art 1 and Ceramics.

In Art 1, Allen teaches her students how to draw, make collages and self portraits. In Ceramics, her students use clay and make sculptures of their own face and buildings.

“By the end of the year we are going to make a huge self portrait with all of the elements of art.” said Allen. She also stated that she likes art that is more hands-on and would rather let her students express themselves rather than her giving them instructions.

“I love teaching art because I fell in love with it during high school,” Allen said. “I want my students to feel the same way.”

Other schools like Skyline and Oakland Tech also offer Ceramics and Art 1.

Allen said she likes Art 1 more than Ceramics because in Art 1 people have more freedom to be creative and to create their own projects, whereas Ceramics is more restricted because the students only use clay.

Allen said she wants to spread her love for art to her students and show how much fun art can be. During her free time she spends time at home making paintings with oil-pastels and she paints based on how she’s feeling at the moment.

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