2017-2018 Student Life — 27 October 2017
Meet Mr. Robeson!

By Buna Poeng

Entering his second year at the school, Doug Robeson, known as Mr. Robeson in the classroom, seems to be settling in well here at Oakland High.

Robeson is a math teacher who teaches classes such as algebra, math analysis, and statistics.

“Math always came easy to me,” he said. “If you’re good at math, you’re usually pretty good at other things as well.”

With OUSD in need of math and science teachers, Oakland High and Robeson were a perfect match.

Robeson is also an avid soccer player and runner. He was the girl’s soccer coach last year, and this year as well, and became the cross country coach this year.

“I like having a coach that pushes us,” said senior Jaqueline Martinez. “I can feel our team getting better every practice.”

The cross country runners also enjoy the new workout regime Robeson has put together.

“I like how we have different activities every day,” said sophomore Brendan Do. “Tuesdays and Fridays are the best, as those are the crossfit days.”

Teaching at his alma mater, University of Florida, first, Robeson then moved to a high school in Florida, next spending some time in Chicago as a teacher, and finally making his way to Oakland High last year.

“I really like it here,” said Robeson. “This is probably the best high school I’ve been at so far.”

Robeson has been the head of the math department and a college professor before, and has been working with math at a high level since high school.

“I want to make sure students understand what they’re learning,” he says. “If they understand, then the work will only get easier.”


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