2017-2018 — 27 October 2017

By: Kim Zhen

Latinos Unidos is a Latinx club where the students celebrate culture in their communities at school and outside of school. Latinos Unidos has done a lot of planning for the Latino Heritage Month Assembly on Friday, Oct. 20. They fundraised money by selling the drinks jamaica and horchata for two dollars in the commons area during lunch.

During the Latino Heritage Month Assembly members of the club performed and talked a little about their culture.

“What I do in the Latino club is to enjoy the different kinds of activities that the club has,” said senior Berenis Ruiz.

Latinos Unidos is a place where Latinx students can come together and show their pride. People can feel a connection by being around people with similar cultures. The club volunteers at the food bank.

“The student organization aims to project the culture not only at school but outside,” said Jose Espinoza, “We also try to do activities every month: one field trip and a main one at the end to celebrate Latino seniors and their families”

“I benefit from the club by learning to love my culture even more and feeling a connection to my heritage, even at school,” said junior Liliana Pacheco.

The club is planning to volunteer at a carnival in Fruitvale’s Dia de los Muertos celebration. Students who want to get involved with Latino Unidos can come to Mr. Espinoza’s room on Thursdays at 11:45.

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