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Horror Film that has Everyone Going Crazy

By: Kearra Shaw

On Sept. 8, the movie “It” came out which started a lot of buzz and sparked interest since people remember the scary killer clown attacks in 2016. The new movie is a remake 27 years after the first film version of “It” appeared, and is based off the book “It” by Stephen King, which tells the story of a shape-shifting evil that feasts on the town’s kids for the summer but retains the shape of Pennywise the dancing clown.

Many teens went to see “It,” which was the best rated horror movie by the Golden Trailer Award.  Oakland High senior Joanna Walker went for her friend’s birthday party. She rated “It” a “10 ½ out of 10” because it broke the scale by being so scary, saying that the movie was mischievous, funny, and weird.

“It was very good, funny, and I’m scared of clowns,” said Walker. She would recommend this movie to 11 year olds or older and to watch with a friend.

Not all teens have seen “It.” Senior Melanie En is planning to see this movie because of the trailer and the good reviews.

This movie is so popular it has social media accounts like Facebook  with 1,665,561 followers, Instagram with 474,000 followers, and Twitter with 93,398 followers.

Senior Bethany Gullatt said she would rate the film 8 or 9 out of 10.

“It was funny but it was also kind of weird in a good way with a lot of kids trash talking each other and their parents, that you don’t usually see in movies but it itself is kind of creepy,” said Gullatt. Her recommendation is that people will enjoy watching it, if they’re not afraid of clowns.

“If you can’t handle it at all you should not watch it at all,” said Gullatt.

This critic’s view is that the film isn’t really scary, but is really creepy and dramatic with the kids cursing and the quick action.

I would recommend the film, but only to middle school kids and older if you like small jump scares. Kids in middle school and up should watch this movie only if they can take what would be thrown at them by surprise and freak them out.


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